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Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies logo.png
Game logo
Developer(s)Rovio Entertainment
Publisher(s)Rovio Entertainment
Producer(s)Petri Järvilehto, Mikael Hed, Jaakko Haapasalo
Designer(s)Markus Tuppurainen, Peter Urbanics
Programmer(s)Marco Rapino, Miika Virpioja, Mauricio Hollando, Jussi Markkanen
Composer(s)Ilmari Hakkola
SeriesAngry Birds
Platform(s)Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone[2]
ReleaseSeptember 27, 2012[3]
Mode(s)Single-player Edit this on Wikidata

Bad Piggies is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment, and was the company's first spin-off of Angry Birds. The game launched on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac on September 27, 2012. It was released for BlackBerry 10 in October 2013 and for Windows Phone in April 2014.[4] Unlike the Angry Birds games, the player assists the minion pigs in building contraptions that travel on land and in air to collect pieces of a map to ultimately capture and take away the Angry Birds eggs.[5][6] As of October 2012, Bad Piggies was the fastest-selling game on the Apple App Store,[3] and the quickest one to reach the top of the app list in just three hours.[7]

In June 2014, Rovio made Bad Piggies free-to-play, since it previously had a purchase price.


The objective of the game is to build a contraption that transports the pig from a starting point to the finish line, usually indicated by a map. Such contraptions are made of wood and/or iron (similar to Angry Birds), as well as other objects such as wheels, two-liter bottles, umbrellas (to increase air resistance), motors, fans, springs, TNT, balloons, ropes, and rockets.

Similar to Angry Birds, the player can earn up to three stars per level, but stars are not earned by scoring points. Instead, players automatically earn one star for completing the level. For each level, the other two stars can be obtained by clearing certain objectives, such as:

  • Completing the level within a certain time limit (e.g. 10 seconds)
  • Collecting 1 or 2 "star boxes" on the playing field
  • Not using a certain part (e.g. a wheel, an umbrella, etc.)
  • Keeping the contraption intact
  • Transporting the king along with the pig
  • Transporting the Egg (this is mandatory in Flight in the Night)
  • Transporting the Halloween Candy (this is mandatory in Tusk 'til Dawn)

For example, on level 1-1, a player can earn three stars by completing the level, collecting a star on the playing field, and by keeping the vehicle intact. On some levels, it is impossible to earn all three stars at once, so the player must play the level two or more times in order to obtain three stars.

Additionally, "skulls" are placed throughout the levels, in which a player can unlock the skull level in the Sandbox by finding at least 10 out of the over 40 hidden skulls.

After the release of the remaining 30 levels of "Rise and Swine", Rovio added a "Feed the King" mini-game, in order to earn power-ups in the game. The player obtains one or more dessert(s) during gameplay, which they can use to feed King Pig to receive power-ups, such as sticky glue (makes the contraption more durable), motor boost, golden engineer, and super magnet; nuts, and coins. The King Pig only has a slight chance of giving a power-up. The only other way to get power-ups is by purchasing them in their store.

In June 2016 with the change to free-to-play, there are 3 daily Loot Crates to collect parts (wooden crates contain 3 items, metal contain 4, and gold contain 8) for a new Custom Contraptions mode, which allows the player to (which is completely optional, though some customizations offer special perks in certain levels) change the appearance of parts used in the levels, ranging from a rarity of 1 to 3 stars; it has fullscreen video ads and a way to buy more parts.[8]

In other media[edit]


On April 11, 2014, Rovio released Piggy Tales, a clay animated TV series based on the game, and a spin-off of Angry Birds Toons, which features a closer glimpse of the life of the minion pigs. A sequel was released on April 17, 2015 entitled Pigs At Work, in which features the pigs in short clips themed after construction.


The game's main character appears in The Angry Birds Movie, named Ross and voiced by Tony Hale. He is one of Leonard's closest accomplices in the Birds' schemes.


The game has received positive reviews with a Metacritic score of 83/100 based on 24 reviews.[9]

Mark Brown of Pocket Gamer gave the game a Silver Award and called it "creative, addictive, and absolutely packed with content", while lamenting that it felt "a little too safe and predictable".[11] IGN rated it the best mobile game of 2013.


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