Bad Planet

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Bad Planet
Cover of the first issue
Publication information
Publisher Raw Studios
Image Comics
Schedule Irregular
Format Limited series
Publication date December 2005
No. of issues 8
Creative team
Created by Thomas Jane
Steve Niles
Tim Bradstreet
Lewis LaRosa
Written by Thomas Jane
Steve Niles
Bruce Jones
Artist(s) Greg Staples
Penciller(s) Lewis LaRosa
James Daly
Dave Kendall
Inker(s) Tim Bradstreet
James Daly
Letterer(s) Jason William Hanley
Colorist(s) Grant Goleash
Editor(s) Thomas Jane

Bad Planet is an American six-issue comic book limited series by action film actor Thomas Jane and Steve Niles that started in 2005. It was one of the first comics produced under the writers' own Raw Studios imprint for Image Comics.[1]

The story is about an ancient meteorite containing destructive alien organisms crashing down on Earth in modern times. Another alien, a single warrior, appears on Earth to help prevent its destruction at the hands of the malevolent invaders.

Publication history[edit]

Co-creator/co-writer Thomas Jane was "hopped up on Vicodin" while recovering from a car accident when he had a series of fever dreams that contained "horrible alien deathspiders." From those dreams, he formed the idea for the comic book series, Bad Planet.[2]

Jane befriended comic book artist Tim Bradstreet while making the promotional posters for the Punisher film and pitched the idea to him. Bradstreet suggested he approach Bradstreet's long-time friend, Eisner Award-nominated Steve Niles with the Bad Planet concept. Eventually the three met at a 2004 comic convention in Los Angeles. Niles, famous for his vampire series 30 Days of Night, quickly jumped on the idea and agreed to write. Concerned about the interior artwork in the comic, Jane again asked Bradstreet for advice. Bradstreet had been wanting an opportunity to work with Lewis LaRosa after seeing his work on the Punisher MAX series, for which Bradstreet does the covers. LaRosa was planning to leave the comic industry, but was cajoled by Bradstreet and a signed headshot of Jane in the mail.[3]

The team had originally conceived the series as being twelve parts, but it was later changed to six parts. Jane explained that this was because they split the series in half so the team could have a break in the project.

The second issue was cover dated January 2006 but then the series stalled due to LaRosa's illness. The other creators waited for him to recover but when he did he finally decided to leave the industry and it wasn't until mid-2007 that the third issue was released.[4] James Daly took over for issue #4 (November 2007) and issue #5 (April 2008) featured art from Daly, Bradstreet and Dave Kendall.

After a three-year break issue #7 was released (June 2011), with Bruce Jones taking over as co-writer, from Steve Niles.[5] Issue #8 (February 2013) was released nearly two years after this.[6] Issue #9-12 have been put on hold until Jane and Bradstreet can find more artists and funding to produce them.[7]


The first issue received an "A" rating from Cinescape and "Must Read" from IGN.



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