Bad Samaritan

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Bad Samaritan
Bad Samaritan and Baron Bedlam,
from Batman and the Outsiders #32, artist Alan Davis
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance The Outsiders vol. 1 #3 (January 1986)
Created by Mike W. Barr (writer)
Jim Aparo (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Zviad Baazovi
Team affiliations Checkmate
Abilities Expert tactician, martial artist, assassin, and sharpshooter

The Bad Samaritan is a fictional character published by DC Comics. His first appearance was in The Outsiders vol. 1 #3, (January 1986), and he was created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Because of publication differences between Batman and the Outsiders, The Outsiders vol. 1, and Adventures of the Outsiders, the Bad Samaritan's first published appearance was not his first in appearance in DC Comics' shared fictional universe. His first chronological appearance was in The Outsiders #3 (January 1986), but according to The Outsiders #4 where he refers to events that occurred in Adventures of the Outsiders #34 (June 1986), which was the first time he ever met Geo-Force. His first actual in universe appearance occurred in Batman and the Outsiders #32, (April 1986).

Fictional character biography[edit]


The Bad Samaritan first appears as a Soviet adviser to Baron Bedlam during his attempted takeover of the Markovian government. When Baron Bedlam's true intentions are revealed, that he wishes to resurrect Adolf Hitler, the Bad Samaritan turns against him, and later makes his escape after a short period of imprisonment.[2]

He is later seen brokering a deal with Mikhail Gorbachev to bankrupt the American economy, the plan he moves ahead with results in the accidental theft from Fort Knox of printing plates used to create both United States and Markovian currency. While attempting to track down the Bad Samaritan and retrieve the plates, the Outsiders come into conflict with the Force of July on two separate occasions. During the second conflict, the Force of July are captured by the Soviet Navy; the Force of July are later rescued by the Outsiders and Mikhail Gorbachev himself returns the stolen treasury plates and orders both teams to leave Russia. After seeing both American teams, Gorbachev tells the Bad Samaritan that he wishes for the Soviet Union to create its own superhumans.[3]

The Bad Samaritan next shows up as a Russian advisor to the fictional African country of Mozambia; with him is the first team of superhumans commissioned by Premier Gorbachev based on technology used to create the Force of July. This team is called the People's Heroes. The Outsiders are captured and enslaved by the People's Heroes but eventually escape and help overthrow the government of Mozambia. While departing the African continent, their aircraft is shot down over a desert island by the Bad Samaritan flying a Soviet Mikoyan MiG-31.[1][4]

Power Company[edit]

In Power Company: Josiah Power #1, the Bad Samaritan is briefly seen assisting a crime ring that specializes in forcing victims of the Dominators' gene bomb to commit crimes with their newfound superhuman powers. With the help from one of the victims, lawyer Josiah Power, the Justice League International is able to defeat the evil organization.


The Bad Samaritan resurfaces in Checkmate #22 as the White Queen's Bishop. In issue #23 his true name Zviad Baazovi, and his Georgian nationality are revealed.[1][5]


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