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Cover of Bad Signal #1. Art by Jacen Burrows.

Bad Signal is a comic book series created in 2003 by Warren Ellis and Jacen Burrows, and published by Avatar Press, continuing the theme and tone of Bad World.

The series is a comic book in name only, as it actually combines Ellis' commentary on bizarre, obscure news articles from around the world (but mostly the US) with many and various artistic interpretations of those stories. The language is, characteristically, bleak and witty and the illustrations are either satirical or tragic, and occasionally a bit of both. Bad Signal is a tour through the strangest human obsessions that Ellis et al. could find and becomes, eventually, a meditation on the contemporary tendency toward obsessive behaviour in the first place.

Mailing list[edit]

Bad Signal is also the name that Ellis has given to his subscription mailing list on which he spouts various words of wisdom about his comics, TV, and film production, as well as life in the 21st century, culture and technology, and world politics. It runs parallel to his personal website but they do not often carry exactly the same content. This Bad Signal is available in print, but is primarily accessible through Flirble's Mailing Lists. He typically posts to the mailing list from his PDA while at the pub.