Badamtam tea estate

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Badamtam Tea Estate was planted by Christine Barnes in the year 1858 before commercialization by the Lebong Company. The name of the estate could have been derived from a Lepcha word, which means a bamboo water carrier.[1]


Badamtam Tea Estate is located in the Lebong Valley about 17 kilometers west of the Darjeeling town. After the end of the two estates viz., Bada Ging Tea Estate and Chhota Ging Tea Estate, starts the area of Badamtam tea estate and goes till the Majhi Tar basin in Sikkim.

The estate is situated at an altitude ranging between 305 metres to 1830 metres above sea level.


Badamtam Tea Estate is famed for its Darjeeling First Flush Teas and other flushes.


The estate is now owned by Goodricke Group Limited.


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