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Badar Munir
Died11 October 2008(2008-10-11) (aged 67–68)
ChildrenDilber Munir
Saeed Munir
Aqal Munir
Imran Munir

Badar Munir (1940 – 11 October 2008) was a Pakistani film actor. Originally from Madyan[1] in the state of Swat, he starred in over 732 Pashto, Urdu and Punjabi language films from 1969 to 2008.[1]

Early life and career[edit]

Badar Munir was raised with a religious background in Swat. He completed his basic elementary school education there and then came to Karachi.[1]

Before joining films, Badar Munir used to drive Rikshaw on Karachi streets. Then he got a job as a lighting technician on actor Waheed Murad's recommendation in a Karachi film studio.[2] He was introduced by Waheed Murad to the film industry in 1970. His first movie was Yousuf Khan Sher Bano (1970), with Yasmin Khan as the heroine.[2] This Pashto language film was the first film of Pakistan film industry in this language in 1970.[1] In 2016, city of Karachi has the largest urban population of Pashto-speaking people in the world, larger than even in Peshawar, Kabul, Quetta and Kandahar.[2]


Year Film Language
1968 Jahan Tum Wahan Hum Urdu[3]
1970 Yousuf Khan Sher Bano Pashto
1972 Jahan Baraf Girti Hai Urdu
1973 Orbal Pashto
1974 Dedan[2] Pashto
1974 Khana Badosh Pashto[4]
1975 Dulhan Aik Raat Ki Urdu
1976 Nawye de ywe shpe Pashto
1978 Jan Ki Baazi Urdu
1979 General Bakht Khan Urdu
1981 Daagh Pashto
1982 Da gaz da maydan Pashto
1983 Nimgarai aarrman Pashto
1984 Shponkai Pashto
1984 Khan Dekan Panjabi
1984 Topak zama kanon Pashto
1984 Haibat khan Punjabi
1985 Yarana Pashto
1985 Aulad[5] Pashto
1986 Shak Urdu
1988 Daka Pashto
1990 Haseena Atom Bomb[6] Urdu
1991 Dushman Kaka Pashto
1992 Zama zid Pashto
1991 Adam Khor Pashto
1994 Saranga Pashto
1995 Goorkun Pashto
1997 Deewane Tere Pyar Ke Urdu
2000 Tere Pyar Mein Urdu
2001 Musalman Urdu
2001 Pathan Urdu
2003 Body Guard Pashto
2003 Amanat Pashto
2006 Musafar Pashto

Death and legacy[edit]

Before his death, Badar Munir had been suffering from kidney and diabetes problems for the past 5 years. He had a paralysis attack a few years ago. Two days before his death, he had a heart attack and was hospitalized but later died on 11 October 2008.[1]

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