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FounderLeo Quan
Area served
Badass Bridge on a C.F. Martin Co EB18

Badass is a trade name of Leo Quan, a manufacturer of bridges for guitars and basses. Badass bridges (used on the Martin EB18 electric bass and a replacement bridge on the Fender Precision Bass) feature individually adjustable saddles, which allows for "extremely accurate intonation adjustments."[1] The Badass came on the market in the 1970s,[2] and was made by entrepreneur and guitar repairman Glen Quan, of Marin County music store Bananas At Large and Leo Malliaris of Oakland's Leo's Music (hence Leo Quan).[3] The first Badass bridges were built from diecast zinc and were considered somewhat rough;[4] later models were made from a high-density zinc alloy and more finely milled.[5]

Notable users and models[edit]


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