Bade Dil Wala

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Bade Dil Wala
Bade Dil Wala.jpg
Directed by Bhappi Sonie
Produced by Bhappi Sonie
Written by Gulshan Nanda (story), C.J. Pavri (screenplay), Dr. Rahi Masoom Reza (dialogue)
Starring Rishi Kapoor
Tina Munim
Madan Puri
Music by Rahul Dev Burman
Cinematography N V Srinivas
Edited by M. S. Shinde
Release date
24 September 1983
Country India
Language Hindi

Bade Dil Wala (English translation - Kind Hearted) is a 1983 Hindi-language movie directed by Bhappi Sonie and starring Rishi Kapoor, Tina Munim, Sarika, and Madan Puri along with Amjad Khan, Jagdeep, Aruna Irani, and Pran.



Popular musician Amrit Kumar Saxena usually performs on stage to entertain his fans. On one occasion he catches red-handed Bhagwat Singh alias B.K. stealing priceless jewellery. Instead of reporting this to the police, Amrit keep this to himself. B.K. then schemes with his girlfriend, Luska, to frame Amrit for the stolen jewellery resulting in him getting sentenced to prison for two years. But Amrit gets released within a year due to good conduct; it is here he thinks about closing in on B.K. and Luska resulting in a physical altercation which ends up leaving Luska dead. For fear of another arrest Amrit flees the scene only to end up boarding a train where he meets his childhood friend Vijay, his wife, Juhi and their son, Munna. Unfortunately the train meets with an accident resulting in the death of Juhi and Vijay. Amrit then takes Munna to Juhi's residence to be introduced to her father, Mr. Sinha who mistakes Amrit to be his son-in-law, Vijay and refuses to part with him. Although Amrit is apprehensive to stay he is convinced by the family's doctor as Mr. Sinha is a heart patient. It is then that Amrit decides to stay on and help Mr. Sinha pull together his business; it is here Amrit starts to develop feelings for this family and Mr. Sinha decides to make him his heir to all his assets. Time passes and Amrit starts to fall in love with Juhi's sister, Reshmi only to be told that Juhi is still alive albeit with no memory. Juhi returns home with Dr. Joshi who is none other than B.K. who wants to utilize this opportunity to not only expose Amrit's true identity to the Sinhas but also to settle scores with Amrit for the death of his girlfriend.


# Title Singer(s)
1 "Jeevan Ke Din" Lata Mangeshkar & Kishor Kumar
2 "Aaya Sanam Aaya Deewane Tera" Kishore Kumar
3 "Jeevan Ke Din (II)" Lata Mangeshkar , Udit Narayan
4 "Jeevan Ke Din (III)" Udit Narayan, Baby Preeti
5 "Kahin Na Jaa Aaj Kahin Mat Jaa" Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
6 "Kaho Kaise Rasta Bhool Gaye" Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
7 "Tujh Mein Kya Hai Deewane" Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar

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