Baden Hill

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Baden Hills
CKCO Baden Tower Ontario.JPG
CKCO Baden Tower Ontario
Highest point
Peak eastmost hill
Elevation 354 m (1,161 ft)
Coordinates 43°24′17″N 80°38′05″W / 43.40472°N 80.63472°W / 43.40472; -80.63472
Area 32.4 km2 (12.5 sq mi)
Baden Hill is located in Ontario
Baden Hill
Location of Baden Hills in Ontario.
Location Baden
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Regional Municipality Waterloo
Range coordinates 43°24′13″N 80°38′17″W / 43.4036°N 80.6381°W / 43.4036; -80.6381Coordinates: 43°24′13″N 80°38′17″W / 43.4036°N 80.6381°W / 43.4036; -80.6381
Orogeny Laurentide ice sheet
Age of rock Pleistocene - Last glacial period
Type of rock kame hills in a sand plain
and kame moraine complex
Mesic, sandy-loam upland
forest soils

The Baden Hills are four glacier-made kames near the community of Baden in the Township of Wilmot, Ontario, Canada. Because of their elevation, up to 434 metres (1,424 ft), they have been used for radio and TV transmission towers, most notably Baden Tower on the highest and eastmost hill that hosts the antennas for Kitchener's CKCO-DT. They can be seen from practically anywhere in Wilmot Township.