Badger's Green (play)

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Badger's Green
Written by R.C. Sherriff
Date premiered 1930
Original language English

Badger's Green is a 1930 British comedy play written by R.C. Sheriff. A company has ambitious plans to redevelop the quiet, picturesque village of Badger's Green. The inhabitants mount a resistance campaign and it is eventually decided to settle the future of the village by playing a cricket match.

The play has been adapted for the screen three times: a 1934 version starring Valerie Hobson, a 1938 version starring Maurice Denham and a 1949 version starring Garry Marsh.[1]

It was also adapted for television twice: a now-lost[2] 1938 version on BBC television[3] and a 1958 version as part of ITV Television Playhouse,[4] with this version also being lost.[5]


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