Badger Mountain Ski Area

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Badger Mountain Ski Area
Location Douglas County, Washington, USA
Nearest city Waterville
Coordinates 47°36′46″N 120°07′47″W / 47.61273°N 120.12978°W / 47.61273; -120.12978Coordinates: 47°36′46″N 120°07′47″W / 47.61273°N 120.12978°W / 47.61273; -120.12978
Top elevation 3,470 ft (1,060 m)
Base elevation 3,145 ft (959 m)
Skiable area 10 acres (40,000 m2)
Runs 5-7?
Ski trail rating symbol-green circle.svg -31% easiest
Ski trail rating symbol-blue square.svg -19% more difficult
Blue Square/Black Diamond -15% mixed difficulty
Ski trail rating symbol-black diamond.svg -35% most difficult
Longest run 1,700 ft (520 m)
Lift system 1 T-bar, 2 rope tows
Snowfall 10 ft (3.0 m)
Website Badger Mountain

Badger Mountain Ski Area is a small ski area, 4 miles SW of Waterville, Washington. It is located on the northeastern flank of Badger Mountain. Established in 1939, it is currently a volunteer run ski area sponsored by the local Waterville Lions Club. The resort has a relatively low elevation, of 3,145 ft (959 m), therefore the ski area does not usually receive adequate snow until January. The ski area has one small lodge, which has a small selection of rentals, and a kitchen.[1]


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