Badgingarra National Park

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Badgingarra National Park
Western Australia
IUCN category II (national park)
Badgingarra National Park view over Badgingarra.JPG
The view from a breakaway looking south-east towards the township of Badgingarra
Badgingarra National Park is located in Western Australia
Badgingarra National Park
Badgingarra National Park
Nearest town or city Badgingarra
Coordinates 30°28′07″S 115°26′23″E / 30.46861°S 115.43972°E / -30.46861; 115.43972Coordinates: 30°28′07″S 115°26′23″E / 30.46861°S 115.43972°E / -30.46861; 115.43972
Established 1973
Area 131.08 km2 (50.6 sq mi)[1]
Managing authorities Department of Environment and Conservation
Website Badgingarra National Park
See also List of protected areas of
Western Australia

Badgingarra National Park is a national park in Western Australia, 190 km north of Perth off the Brand Highway adjacent to the town of Badgingarra.

The park is 13,108 hectares (32,390 acres)[1] in area and features high breakaway country overlooking low undulating sandplains. The park is renowned for its incredible diversity of endemic wildflowers.[2] Mullering Brook passes through the park creating a swampy area.

The area is mostly composed of low scrub with plant species such as mottlecah, smokebush, Banksia, Verticordia, kangaroo paw and the rare Badgingarra mallee are found throughout the area. The area is threatened by the spread of dieback.

Some of the spectacular wildflowers that can be found within the park include rare species such as Hakea flabellifolia, Strangea cynanchicarpa and Eucalyptus pendens.[3]

Many animals such as western grey kangaroos, emus, bustards and wedgetail eagles also inhabit the area.[4]


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