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Badhwar Park is the residential complex of the Indian Central Railway and Western Railway officers. Located at Wodehouse Road in Colaba. The complex has been aptly named after Shri Fateh Chand Badhwar, the first Indian chairman of the Indian Railway Board. In the past, after its inception in 1925, all chairmen of the Railway Board had been Britons. The complex has a state of the art club with sports facilities (two lawn tennis courts, two badminton courts, gymnasium, swimming pool, billiards and pool), library etc. The club has coaching facilities for many sports and martial arts. Badhwar Park can be reached from Churchgate or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station by catching bus no 138 starting from CST (via Churchgate).


During the British Raj in India, Badhwar Park was a railway station for trams; later it was converted into a residential complex for senior railway officers. At one point in time, Churchgate and Victoria Terminus (now CST) were not the southern-most endpoint for the Mumbai suburban railway lines. There was a preserved section of the railway platform with tracks near the clubhouse building.

The colony is situated along the coastline.

2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks 26/11[edit]

Badhwar Park was the location of landing of the 10 terrorists from Pakistan on the evening of 26/11/2008, who went on to kill 188 persons in Mumbai.[1][2]


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