Badin Hall (University of Notre Dame)

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Badin Hall
Residence Hall
Arms of Badin.svg
University University of Notre Dame
Campus quad South
Established 1897
Named for Rev. Stephen Badin
Architect Bro. Columkille Fitzgerald, CSC
Colors Green     
Gender Female
Rector Sr. Susan Sisko, O.S.B.M. (since 2015)
Undergraduates 121
Postgraduates 2
Chapel St. Stephen
Mascot Bullfrogs
Interhall sports Flag football
Charities HOPE Initiative NFP
Major events

Badin Breakdown, Polar Bear Plunge, a Conscious Christmas

Badin Hall
Badin Hall (University of Notre Dame) is located in Indiana
Badin Hall (University of Notre Dame)
Location Notre Dame, Indiana
Coordinates 41°42′02″N 86°14′28″W / 41.7006°N 86.2412°W / 41.7006; -86.2412
Built 1897 [1]
Architect Bro. Columkille Fitzgerald, CSC [1]
Architectural style Collegiate Gothic
Part of University of Notre Dame: Main and South Quadrangles (#78000053)
Added to NRHP May 23, 1978

Badin Hall is one of the 30 Residence Halls on the campus of the University of Notre Dame and one of the 14 female dorms.[2] it is located on South Quad, between Howard Hall and the Coleman-Morse center. Badin Hall is, along with other building on the Main Quad of Notre Dame, on the National Register of Historic Places.[3][4] It was named after Fr. Stephen Badin, the first priest ordained in the US.[5][6]


Badin Hall

Construction and early years[edit]

Before the main building of the University burned down in the great fire of 1879, it hosted a Manual Labor School (founded in 1843), that was moved after the fire in a location close to the present Walsh Hall. A few years later, it was moved on wheels to the present location of Badin Hall. The temporary structure was substituted with brick structure (the one still standing) and renamed St. Joseph Hall, and hosted the St. Joseph's Industrial School' and was open in November 1897. It was intended to open before the start of the school year, but it did not happen because of a delay in construction. the first floor contained private rooms, a reading room, and a refectory, while the second floor contained classrooms, a study hall, and rooms for prefects. A wide staircase led to the third floor, that was used entirely as dormitory. The first director of the new St. Joseph Hall was Rev. Gallagher, who arranged improvements to the rooms and set up a chapel where Mass was said, and he provided to get newspapers and magazines for the boy's free moments. Once enrolled, young men trained to be blacksmiths, bricklayers, carpenters, farmers, and tailors. The goods produced where used by University personnel, and some where sold in South Bend shops.

University dormitory[edit]

Because the school had stopped to be profitable, in 1917 it was converted to a men's University dormitory, it underwent major expansions, and it was renamed Badin Hall, in honor of Rev. Stephen Badin. Stephen badin was the first priest ordained in the United States, and was the previous owner of the land on which the University was built. The first rector of Badin Hall was Rev. Fr. Francis McGarry. From the very beginning, the men of Badin Hall organized in interhall sports, a trademark activity of Notre Dame students. After an expansion project in 1917, it became a men's dormitory, and in 1972, Badin was the first of two residence halls to be converted for women's use, when they began to be admitted into the university.[7][8] In 1931, the university bookstore, previously located in Main Building, was relocated to the south half of the lower floor of Badin Hall, a space that had undergone a variety of uses; first it was a refectory, then a classroom, and then a recreation room for the members of the Congregation of Holy Cross.[9]

Badin Hall on South Quad

The Navy period[edit]

In June 1942, the men of Badin Hall were vacated to make space for the Navy officers, recruits and midshipmen that came to campus to train. The Navy and the University entered in a partnership and a Navy College Training Program was established, This provided the Navy with space and resources for training, while it helped the University recover from the loss in income and enrollment due to World War II. When veterans returned to campus after the war, the vast majority were accommodated in Badin.

Later years[edit]

In 1972 Badin Hall became, with Walsh Hall, the first dorm to host women. Badin celebrated its centenary in 1997, and in 1998, the mascot changed from Badin Attitude to the Badin Bullfrogs. Badin will be extensively renovated in the 2017-2018 year. The residents of Badin hall will move to Pangborn Hall for the year. [10][11]


Badin Hall supports the Hope for Nepal charity, which is an Initiative that serves Nepal in several ways, including the operation of an orphanage for children who would otherwise be forced to live on the streets.[12] Each spring, the women of Badin work to raise money for their charity by hosting the "Badin Breakdown," during which students can come sing Karaoke, watch funny skits, and eat free food, for the price of a donation to the Hope Initiative. Other events put on by the hall include "A Conscious Christmas" in the winter and the "Polar Bear Plunge" each February.[13][14] During the 1960s, a fictional ghost named Harry Hunter was said to inhabit the first floor of the building.

Badin Hall porch

Notable residents[edit]


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