Badmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene

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Badmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene
Бадмаанямбуугийн БАТ-ЭРДЭНЭ
Bat-Erdene in 2013
Personal details
Born (1964-06-07) 7 June 1964 (age 55)
Khentii Mongolia
Political partyMongolian People's Party

Badmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene (Mongolian: Бадмаанямбуугийн Бат-Эрдэнэ, "Firm jewel") was born on June 7, 1964 in Ömnödelger sum of Khentii aimag, Mongolia. Bat-Erdene is widely regarded in Mongolia as one of the successful, long lasting and celebrated wrestlers.


Between 1988-1999, Bat-Erdene won 11 national level tournaments in the Naadam. He was awarded with medals for his achievements including from the government. His rank/title out of respect in the wrestling is "Dayar dursagdah, dalai dayan, tumniig bayasuulagch, darkhan avarga Bat-Erdene" literally meaning "Renowned by all, oceanic, makes people happy, strong titan Bat-Erdene" essentially the highest rank possible in Mongolian wrestling in Mongolia. He gathers considerable respect from Mongolians. He is retired from wrestling in 2006.

Bat-Erdene established and owns Avarga (Champion) University which trains wrestlers, trainers and sportsmen in Ulaanbaatar City.

Political career[edit]

Bat-Erdene has been a member of the State Great Khural from 2004 being elected three times from his native Khentii province on behalf of Mongolian People's Party. In 2009-2010 he worked as the chairman of the Legal Standing Committee of the State Great Khural. As a member of parliament, Bat-Erdene has been active in talking to protect nature and homeland against irresponsible mining.

Mongolian People's Party selected him as its candidate for 2013 Presidential election.[1] Incumbent President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, candidate of Democratic Party won at 2013 Mongolian presidential election on June 26, 2013 with 50.23% of total votes while Bat-Erdene got 41.97%, and Natsagiin Udval, candidate of Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party got 6.5% of total votes.[2][3]




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