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Badr (full name: Badr Hunayn) (Arabic: بدر حنین‎‎) is a town in Al Madinah Province, in the western part of Saudi Arabia. It is located at around 23°46′48″N 38°47′26″E / 23.78000°N 38.79056°E / 23.78000; 38.79056 about 130 km (81 mi) from the Islamic holy city of Medina.

It was the location of the famous Battle of Badr between the Quraish of Mecca and the Muslims of Medina in 624.

Battle of Badr[edit]

According to Muslim sources, Quraish leader Abu Jahl said:

"By Allah, we will not go back until we have been to Badr,[1] for we will spend three days there, slaughter camels and feast and drink wine, and the girls shall play for us. The Arabs will hear that we have come and gathered together, and will respect us in future! So come on!"

Akhnas ibn Shariq al-Thaqifi and the Banu Zuhrah were with the Meccan as part of the escort that preceded the Battle of Badr, but since he believed the caravan to be safe, he did not join Quraish on their way to a festival in Badr. He returned with Banu Zuhrah returned so the two clans present in the battle [2]


  1. ^ Badr was the site of one of the Arab fairs where they used to hold a market every year [1]
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