Badr al-Jamali

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Badr al-Jamali
بدر الجمالى
Juyushi Mosque,Cairo (1).jpg
Born 1015
Died 1094
Title Vizier

Badr al-Jamali (Arabic: بدر الجمالى‎‎‎, 1015–1094) was a vizier, Amir al-Juyush (امير الجيوش, Commander of Forces), Badi al-Duat (بدى الدعاة, Chief Missionary) and prominent statesman for the Fatimids under the Caliphate and Imamate of Al-Mustansir.


Ethnically an Armenian, he was purchased by a Syrian emir, Jamal ud-Dawla bin Ammar, for a relatively small price and converted to Islam.[1] Later he joined the Mamluks. He was appointed as the governor of Acre during his service.[2]

During his reign as vizier, he was the de facto ruler of the Fatimid Caliphate, his authority being over everything except in name.[3]


Badr Al-Jamali built many structures, including:


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