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Badri Lal Chitrakar is an Indian miniature art artist. He has expertise in all traditional Indian arts. He was awarded with Shilp Guru award on September 9, 2006.He hails from Bhilwara town in Rajasthan state in India.


He was born in February 1920 and is possibly the oldest surviving artist in Indian traditional art practice. He has guided a number of students nationally and internationally and has trained all his sons (notably Late Gyan Prakash Soni, Sharad Soni, Trilok Prakash Soni-also a national award winner for 2014) and his grand children like Manish Soni, Kuldeepak soni and Sonika Soni.

Badri Lal Chitrakar was a dealer in Indian antiquities and is known for his mastery in restoration of paintings. His works are housed in a number of museums and private art collections across the world.

Other awards[edit]

He has been conferred following other awards:

  • Shilp Guru Award - Nominated for year 2004, awarded on September 9, 2006
  • National Award of Master craftperson, Year 1987
  • Pune Festival Award

Heritage of Indian art[edit]

He and his successors/students are keeping traditional Indian art schools alive. He has practiced and created different techniques for different schools of Indian art. His knowledge on Indian painting, pigments and techniques is unmatchable.

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