Bady Bassitt

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Bady Bassitt
Flag of Bady Bassitt
Coat of arms of Bady Bassitt
Coat of arms
Location in São Paulo state
Location in São Paulo state
Bady Bassitt is located in Brazil
Bady Bassitt
Bady Bassitt
Location in Brazil
Coordinates: 20°55′5″S 49°26′43″W / 20.91806°S 49.44528°W / -20.91806; -49.44528Coordinates: 20°55′5″S 49°26′43″W / 20.91806°S 49.44528°W / -20.91806; -49.44528
StateSão Paulo
MesoregionSão José do Rio Preto
MicroregionSão José do Rio Preto
 • MayorEdmur Pradela
 • Total110 km2 (40 sq mi)
510 m (1,670 ft)
 • Total16,359
 • Density150/km2 (390/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-03:00 (BRT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-02:00 (BRST)
Postal code
Area code+55 17

Bady Bassitt is a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The population is 16,359 (2015 est.) in an area of 110 km².[1] The town is located 7 km from São José do Rio Preto. The municipality belongs to the Microregion of São José do Rio Preto.


In 1908, Bady Bassitt was a village named Borboleta (butterfly). In this year, a road coming from Rio Preto was open. Camilo de Morais opened the first store in Borboleta, in 1912.

On February 13, 1914, the village of Borboleta was officially established, and on December 12, 1926, the village was elevated to district of Rio Preto.

On February 18, 1959, the municipality of Borboleta is officially established, and in 1963, the name was changed to the current form, an homage to Bady Bassitt, a politician from São José do Rio Preto.[2]


Neighbouring places[edit]


The municipality features several streams:

  • Córrego Borá
  • Córrego dos Macacos
  • Córrego Borboleta (Main stream)


Population history[edit]

Year Population
2000 11,550
2010 14,603
2015 16,359


  • Area: 108.5 km²
  • Population density: 134.54/km² (IBGE/2010) - 222.90/km² (SEADE/2011)
  • Urbanization: 93.5% (2010)
  • Sex ratio (Males to Females): 98.2 (2011)
  • Birth rate: 11.8/1,000 inhabitants (2009)
  • Infant mortality: 5.95/1,000 births (2009)
  • Homicide rate: 0.0/100 thousand ppl (2008)
  • HDI: 0.812 (UNDP/2000)

All statistics are from SEADE[3] and IBGE.[4]


The Tertiary sector is the economic basis of Bady. Commerce, services and administration corresponds to 60.5% of the city GDP. Industry is 35.2% of the GDP, and the Primary sector corresponds to 4.1%.[3]


The city is linked with the BR-153 (Transbrasiliana), the SP-310 (in Rio Preto) and the SP-355 (Maurício Goulart) highways.

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