Baeda Maryam III

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Baeda Maryam III
DynastyEthiopian Empire

Baeda Maryam III, also known as Bida Maryam, was Emperor (nəgusä nägäst) of Ethiopia for a few days in April 1826. Baeda Maryam was a figurehead, set on the throne by Dejazmach Haile Maryam, the governor of Semien.


According to the Royal chronicles of Abyssinia, Dajazmach Haile Maryam led a campaign south from Semien and held Mount Manta for 15 days to make Baeda Maryam Emperor. When Ras Yimam cut short his expedition in Gojjam to oppose Dejazmach Haile, he found that the Dejazmach had seized control of the fords of the Abay River, so Ras Yimam circled west of Lake Tana through Dengel Ber to reach Dejazmach Haile in Dembiya. Surprised, Dejazmach Haile retreated to Weldebba where Ras Yimam with his brother Marye caught up with him and fought him for three days. On 6 January 1827, the Dejazmach retreated again to Wegera, and escaped from the brothers.[1]

Baeda Maryam lived for several years after his deposition, as the missionary Samuel Gobat mentions that he met Baeda Maryam, his wife and children in Adigrat during June, 1831.[2]


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