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Entrance of Baekyangsa.jpg
Entrance of Baegyangsa
Korean name
Hangul 백양사
Hanja 白羊寺
Revised Romanization Baegyangsa
McCune–Reischauer Paegyangsa

Baegyangsa, also spelled Baegyangsa, is a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. It is situated in Bukha-myeon, Jangseong County, in South Jeolla province, South Korea. Built in 632 under the Baekje kingdom, it lies on the slopes of Baegam-san in Naejangsan National Park.


Baeyangsa was established by Yeohwan zen master. Its original name was Baegam sa. In Goryeo dynasty, it was called Jeong-to sa. In Korean, Jeongto is the same concept as the heaven of Christianity. The name of the temple means "white sheep," and refers to a legend from the Goryeo period in which a white sheep came down from the mountain to listen to a sermon, and was sufficiently enlightened that it was able to ascend into Paradise.

In Japanese occupation era, the temple was recognized as one of the main temples in the Korean peninsula. It belongs to Chogye order at the present time. These days, large role was allocated in Baegyang temple for educating monks around Jeolla area.


Large amounts of Torreya nucifera grow around Baegyang temple. This area is one of the northern most areas where Torreya nucifera can grow in the Korean peninsula.


Train is the best vehicle for reaching Baegyangssa temple. Many trains stop at Baegyangsa station except for KTX.

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Coordinates: 35°26′21″N 126°52′59″E / 35.4392°N 126.8830°E / 35.4392; 126.8830