Baewha Women's University

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Baewha Women's College
Location Seoul, South Korea
36°50′25″N 127°11′00″E / 36.84021°N 127.18322°E / 36.84021; 127.18322Coordinates: 36°50′25″N 127°11′00″E / 36.84021°N 127.18322°E / 36.84021; 127.18322
Baewha Women's University
Hangul 배화여자대학
Revised Romanization Baehwa Yeoja Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Paehwa Yŏja Taehak

Baewha Women's University is a private Christian university located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Enrollment fluctuates around 1,350, and is restricted to women. Courses of study are offered in interpretation (English, Japanese and Chinese), traditional cuisine, clothing, business management, secretarial studies, e-commerce, nutrition, early childhood education, and applied information processing.


The school was founded by the Baewha Educational Foundation, in 1977. The foundation's roots are much older, however; it was established in 1898 by the American Methodist missionary Josephine Eaton Peel Campbell.

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