Baek Sang Eo (White Shark) torpedo

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Baek Sang Eo (White Shark) Torpedo
Type Torpedo
Place of origin South Korea
Service history
Used by Naval Jack of South Korea.svg Republic of Korea Navy
Production history
Designer Agency for Defense Development & LG Innotek
Designed 1995
Manufacturer LIG Nex1 (fromely LG Innotek)
Produced 2004-
Weight 1,100 kg
Length 2.7 m
Width 0.48 m

30 km
Speed 35+ knots (63+ km/h)

K731 Baek Sang Eo (White Shark) torpedo (Hangul: 백상어 어뢰) is a submarine-launched torpedo developed by the Republic of Korea Navy in 2004. Production was delayed for a year after a program error in the guidance system resulted in 2 failed tests in 2003. This glitch was fixed while developing the Blue Shark torpedo; a more lightweight variant. Production cost for each torpedo is at about 950 million won (US$790,000).

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