Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Actress (Film)

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Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Actress (Film)
Presented byBaeksang Arts Awards
Currently held byIS PLUS Corp.

The Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Actress (Film) is given at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

List of winners[edit]

[dubious ]

# Year Actress Film
2 1966 Moon Jung-suk Ode to My Father
3 1967 Late Autumn
4 1968 Moon Hee 'Guests Who Arrived on the Last Train
5 1969 Kim Ji-mee 'Prince Daewon
6 1970 Yoon Jeong-hee 'The Old Jar Craftsman
7 1971 Affair on the Beach
8 1972 Ko Eun-ah Confession
9 1973 Yoon Jeong-hee Seoghwachon
10 1974 Kim Ji-mee Weed
12 1976 Kim Ja-ok A Common Woman
13 1977 Tae Hyun-sil Wife
14 1978 Kim Yun-gyeong The Life of Ok-rye
Yoon Mi-ra Under the Sky With No Mother
15 1979 Kim Ja-ok Riding a Wooden Horse
16 1980 Yu Ji-in I Saw the Wild Ginseng
17 1981 Jeong Yun-hui The One I Love
18 1982 Does Cuckoo Cry at Night
19 1983 Jung Young-sook Temptation
20 1984 Won Mi-kyung 'Mulleya Mulleya
21 1985 Lee Mi-sook The Winter Of The Year Was Warm
22 1986 Lee Bo-hee Eoudong
23 1987 Kim Ji-mee Ticket
24 1988 Lee Bo-hee 'You My Rose Mellow
25 1989 Lee Hye-young 'The Age of Success
26 1990 Chang Mi-hee The Land of Fire
27 1991 Lee Hye-sook 'Silver Stallion
28 1992 Kang Soo-yeon The Road to Racetrack
29 1993 Bae Jong-ok Walking Up to Heaven
30 1994 Choi Jin-sil I Wish for What Is Forbidden to Me
31 1995 Choi Myung-gil Rosy Life
32 1996 Shim Hye-jin Go Alone Like Musso's Horn
33 1997 'Green Fish
34 1998 Shim Eun-ha 'Christmas in August
35 1999 Jeon Do-yeon A Promise
36 2000 Kang Soo-yeon Rainbow Trout
37 2001 Jeon Do-yeon 'I Wish I Had a Wife
38 2002 Bae Doona 'Take Care of My Cat
39 2003 Uhm Jung-hwa 'Marriage is a Crazy Thing
40 2004 Kim Ha-neul 'Too Beautiful to Lie
41 2005 Kim Hye-soo Hypnotized
Jeon Do-yeon My Mother, the Mermaid
Lee Eun-ju The Scarlet Letter
42 2006 Lee Young-ae 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
Jang Jin-young Blue Swallow
Jeon Do-yeon You Are My Sunshine
Kang Hye-jung Rules of Dating
Uhm Jung-hwa Princess Aurora
43 2007 Yum Jung-ah 'The Old Garden
Im Soo-jung I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK
Jang Jin-young Between Love and Hate
Kim Hye-soo Tazza: The High Rollers
Na Moon-hee Cruel Winter Blues
44 2008 Kim Min-hee Hellcats
Im Soo-jung Happiness
Jeon Do-yeon Secret Sunshine
Kim Jung-eun Forever the Moment
Yunjin Kim Seven Days
45 2009 Son Ye-jin My Wife Got Married
Gong Hyo-jin Crush and Blush
Kim Hae-sook Viva! Love
Kim Gyu-ri Portrait of a Beauty
Soo Ae Sunny
46 2010 Ha Ji-won Closer to Heaven
Choi Kang-hee Goodbye Mom
Kim Hye-ja Mother
Kim Ok-bin Thirst
Seo Woo Paju
47 2011 Tang Wei Late Autumn
Jo Yeo-jeong The Servant
Seo Young-hee Bedevilled
Soo Ae Midnight FM
Yoon Jeong-hee Poetry
48 2012 Uhm Jung-hwa Dancing Queen
Jung Ryeo-won Pained
Kim Min-hee Helpless
Shim Eun-kyung Sunny
Son Ye-jin Spellbound
49 2013 Kim Min-hee 'Very Ordinary Couple
Han Hyo-joo Love 911
Im Soo-jung All About My Wife
Jo Min-su Pietà
Lee Jung-hyun Juvenile Offender
50 2014 Shim Eun-kyung Miss Granny
Jeon Do-yeon Way Back Home
Kim Hee-ae Thread of Lies
Moon Jung-hee Hide and Seek
Uhm Ji-won Hope
51 2015 Yum Jung-ah Cart
Bae Doona A Girl at My Door
Kim Sae-ron
Shin Min-a Gyeongju
Son Ye-jin The Pirates
52 2016 Jeon Do-yeon The Shameless
Han Hyo-joo The Beauty Inside
Jun Ji-hyun Assassination
Kim Hye-soo Coin Locker Girl
Lee Jung-hyun Alice in Earnestland
53 2017 Son Ye-jin The Last Princess
Kim Min-hee The Handmaiden
Kim Hye-soo Familyhood
Youn Yuh-jung The Bacchus Lady
Han Ye-ri Worst Woman
54 2018 Na Moon-hee I Can Speak
Kim Ok-bin The Villainess
Kim Tae-ri Little Forest
Son Ye-jin Be with You
Choi Hee-seo Anarchist from Colony
55 2019 Han Ji-min Miss Baek
Go Ah-sung A Resistance
Kim Hyang-gi Innocent Witness
Kim Hye-soo Default
Kim Hee-ae Herstory

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