Baetic Depression

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The major topographic features of Andalusia.

The Baetic Depression (Spanish: Depresión Bética or Depresión del Guadalquivir) is an alluvial plain in the lower valley of the Guadalquivir in Andalusia, Spain.

It is a large triangular-shaped area in the Guadalquivir basin oriented roughly northeast to southwest with its vertex in the east-northeast and its outlet in the Gulf of Cádiz.[1]

The Baetic Depression in the Guadalquivir basin is mostly flat land and divides the Sierra Morena to the north from the Baetic System to the south. It is a typical lateral depression of the type that forms amidst Alpine mountain ranges, similar to the valley of the Ebro or the Po River valley in Italy.

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Coordinates: 37°15′N 6°10′W / 37.250°N 6.167°W / 37.250; -6.167