Baga, Mainling County

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Baga is located in Tibet
Location within Tibet
Coordinates: 29°26′N 94°30′E / 29.433°N 94.500°E / 29.433; 94.500Coordinates: 29°26′N 94°30′E / 29.433°N 94.500°E / 29.433; 94.500
Country People's Republic of China
Province-level division Tibet Autonomous Region
Prefecture Nyingchi Prefecture
County Mainling County
 • Major Nationalities Tibetan
 • Regional dialect Tibetan language
Time zone +8

Baga (Chinese: 巴嘎; pinyin: Bāgā) is a village in the south-east of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and is located some 13.8 kilometres (8.6 mi) east of Tungdor, 25.6 kilometres (15.9 mi) south of Dagzê and 35.4 kilometres (22.0 mi) south of Qomo. There are said to be springs in the area, fed by the Kyichu River which flows nearby.[1]The village produces a cheese known as thu.[1]

It is under the administration of Qiangna Township (羌纳乡) of Mainling County.[2]


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