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Bagakhangai District
Багахангай дүүрэг
Municipal District
Country Mongolia
Municipality Ulaanbaatar
Time zone UTC + 8 (UTC+8)
Area code(s) +976 (0) 22

Bagakhangai (Mongolian: Багахангай, small wooded area) is one of nine düüregs (districts) of the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar. It is subdivided into two khoroos (subdistricts), #1 (Mongolian: Нэгдүгээр) khoroo and #2 (Mongolian: Хоёрдугаар) khoroo.

Bagakhangai is an exclave of 140 km2 in Töv Province, southeast of the capital. It was established there as the home of a Soviet military air base.

Coordinates: 47°21′15″N 107°29′03″E / 47.35417°N 107.48417°E / 47.35417; 107.48417