Bagalkot (Lok Sabha constituency)

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Bagalkot [ edit ]
Current MP P. C. Gaddigoudar
Party BJP
Elected Year 2014
State Karnataka
Total Electors 1,568,633
Most Successful Party INC (8 times)

Bagalkot Lok Sabha constituency (Kannada: ಬಾಗಲಕೋಟೆ ಲೋಕ ಸಭೆ ಚುನಾವಣಾ ಕ್ಷೇತ್ರ) is one of the 28 Lok Sabha constituencies in Karnataka state in southern India. This constituency came into existence in 1967.

Assembly segments[edit]

Presently, Bagalkot Lok Sabha constituency comprises the following eight legislative assembly segments:

  1. Mudhol
  2. Terdal
  3. Jamkhandi
  4. Bilgi
  5. Badami
  6. Bagalkot
  7. Hungund
  8. Nargund

Members of Parliament[edit]

Mysore State:

Karnataka State:

Election results[edit]

General Election, 2014: Bagalkot [1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
BJP Gaddigoudar Parvatagouda Chandanagouda 5,71,548
INC Ajay Kumar Sanaik 4,54,988
Majority 1,16,560
BJP hold Swing

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