Bagan Ajam

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Bagan Ajam is a small town along the longest trunk road in Penang, Malaysia near Butterworth, the opposite city to George Town. It is best known for its morning market, where most residents will be, especially on weekends. Pantai Bagan Ajam is a beach here that is popular among the locals. Bagan Ajam and the whole of Butterworth have gone through changes with construction of the Butterworth Outer Ring Road.

Bagan Ajam has this 14 kilometres Outer Ring Road completed in 2006. A Bagan Ajam rest and service area is located at the Bagan Ajam highway. This outer ring road was built very near to the sea only. Travelers can enjoy a seaview here and some cargo ships sighseeing here. Bagan Ajam also has a 15 toll booths toll plaza there. There is one Touch n Go lane and one Smart TAG lane because Bagan Ajam is a residential area only.

Bagan Ajam is located 3 kilometres from Butterworth and 160 kilometres from Ipoh.

The Malaysia first undersea tunnel also planned to be constructed here to shorter the hours for the people to go to Penang and Butterworth . It will start work in 2020s.

The Butterworth military airport is also found there.