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For caste in Rajasthan, see Bagdi (caste).

The Bagdi or Wagdi are a people of India who are one of the Bhil tribes. They historically spoke the Wagdi language however today the largest number of Bagdi speak Hindi with others speaking such languages as Malvi and Marwari.

Traditionally the Bagdi were hunters and gatherers. However today they have become farmers and laborers. There is another unrelated group the Bagdi (caste) who live in West Bengal and Bangladesh.


The Bagdi follow an animistic religion. They also worship many Hindu deities. Bagdi is a universal cast which one you can find in any religion in INDIA. For Example Hindi Muslim Sikhs Christian and other have this sub caste which is known as SURNAME. Basically it is started from Rajasthan where first time it discover as Kshatriya. Somewhere in Rajasthan a king rules named BAGDI and after its death his son spread over INDIA and accept different different communities which one we saw. So Bagdi is basically Kshatriya who divide.


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