Bagel dog

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Bagel dog
Cross section of a bagel dog
Type Hot dog
Place of origin United States
Main ingredients Bagel or bagel-like bread, hot dog
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A bagel dog is a food item consisting of a full-size or miniature hot dog, wrapped in bagel-style breading before or after cooking. They are similar in concept to a corn dog or pigs in a blanket. Bagel dogs are commonly available for purchase at prepared-food concession stands and frozen in grocery stores in the greater New York City, Chicago, and Cincinnati areas, but are more difficult to find elsewhere. Some bagel dogs are prepared using an actual bagel to wrap around the hot dog,[1] rather than a bagel-like breading.

Preparation can include the boiling of a hot dog, wrapping it in bagel dough, topping it with poppy seeds, and then baking the product to cook the dough.[2]


It has been stated that the bagel dog was invented by Milan R. Burger in Durham, North Carolina in 1980. Burger and his baker wife Sandra T. Burger were co-owners of Temptee Bagel at the time they developed their bagel dog, and the name "Bagel Original Dog" was trademarked. [3][2] However, other trademarks existed before Burger's, including Roger Pavlow who appears to have registered the first trademark for "Bagel Dog" in 1978.[4]

In 1987, it was reported that the brand Bernie's East Bagel Dogs were available in 85 percent of New York supermarkets.[5]

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