Mozaffar's Garden

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Mozaffar's Garden
BagheMozaffar.002 0001.jpg
Also known as Baghe Mozaffar
Genre Comedy
Written by Peyman Ghasem Khani
Directed by Mehran Modiri
Narrated by Mehran Modiri
Country of origin Iran
Original language(s) Farsi/Iranian/Persian
No. of episodes 45 episodes
Location(s) Tehran, Iran
Editor(s) Javad Aslani
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s) IRIB
Original network Channel 3
Original release Friday 1 September – Sunday 15 October 2006
Preceded by Barareh Nights
Followed by Mozaffar's Treasure
Related shows Mozaffar's Treasure

Mozaffar's Garden (in Persian: باغ مظفر) is a 2006 Iranian satire television series. It was directed by Mehran Modiri.




Siamak Ansari stars as Kamran, a young strange man who works in a transportation company run by Mr. Bordbaar, a fat man who easily laughs at anything. Mr Bordbaar and his son are careless people and Kamran is the only person who does any work at the company. Kamran is a shy, hard-working and stranger to the Bordbaar family. Kamran is also in love with Nazi, Bordbaar's daughter, who is in love with her old fiance. Kamran is too shy to show his feelings for Nazi. Kamran's dad "Mozzafar Khan Zargande" is a Khan who lives his life like old Tehran Khans.

Kamran also has a sister Forough Khanoom, who is snobby, spoiled and does whatever she likes to do. She is a widow, and her past husbands have been killed by strange accidents that have something to do with how mean she is. They also have a servant, named "Heyfe Naan" which means "worthless". He craves abuse from his masters. They also have a sloppy, worthless lawyer, who is trying to get the family to sell the garden. According to Jamshid, the lawyer, Tehran is going to have a highway that runs through the garden and they should sell it before the price drops drastically. The Zargande family live in a huge garden which is shared by Mozzafar Khan's Cousin, Mansour Khan. Mansour Khan, suffers from short term memory-loss, hates his cousin, and is old with no family of his own. The story will go on about Kamran in pursue of his love.

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