Bagher Moazen

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Bagher Moazen
Bagher Moazen Concert in Walter Hall, Toronto 2005
Bagher Moazen Concert in Walter Hall, Toronto 2005
Background information
Born (1948-09-02) September 2, 1948 (age 74)
Ahvaz, Iran
GenresClassical Music
Occupation(s)Composer, Guitarist
Years active1965–present

Bagher Moazen (born 2 September 1948) is a well known Iranian-Canadian classical guitarist and composer.[1][2][3] He is also a Tango dancer and instructor.


Thanks to a booming Iranian oil industry, Bagher began a musical journey from which there was no return. Born in the south of Iran he grew up at a time when the oil industry brought Western music and film to this area. Looking to widen his horizons from his roots in traditional Persian music, Bagher fell in love with these new influences. He was captured by the beauty of Western melodies and classical music he heard on film and on radio. His imagination stirred, Bagher began to sing the music he heard.[4]

Bagher first started guitar under Abdullah Mafakher who introduced him to the delights of Spanish music. His next inspiration and teacher was the well-known French musician, Dr. Jean During, who had come to Iran to study Persian music. Later, in 1973, Bagher continued his studies in London. He met Joseph Urshalmi, and studied with him to improve his right-hand technique. Upon the recommendation of Julian Bream, this was followed by three years of intensive study with Timothy Walker. Walker opened Bagher's mind to revolutionary methods of fingering, articulation and interpretation.

Building on this, Bagher continued to refine his knowledge with John W. Duarte.[5]

In 1979, Bagher returned to Iran to become the first teacher of the classical guitar for full-time students at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Later he opened his own school of music. However, by 1985, the political situation became impossible, as music was banned. He left once more to go to Germany and subsequently to Canada. In 1987, Bagher arrived to Canada. After residing in Montreal for 8 months, he moved to and continues to live in Toronto.[5]

Major concerts and events[edit]

Bagher has been teaching music and giving concerts regularly since his arrival in Canada in 1987.

Date Location Description
September 22, 1978 Wigmore Hall While living in London, England, Bagher performed in recitals at the prestigious Wigmore Hall.
November 1979 Iran: Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz and Isfahan cities Bagher performed at the French Embassy for five occasions in four different Iranian cities: twice in Tehran followed by once in Tabriz, Shiraz and Isfahan.
Year 1980 Roodaki Hall (Talar Vahdat), Iran Bagher performed 4 guitar recitals in the famous Roodaki Hall before music performances were banned in Iran in the early eighties.
July 4, 1987 Concordia University, Montreal Bagher shined in the event. The performance was brilliant, the arrangement of the event was close to perfect.
March 17, 1989 St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts Bagher performed in Toronto at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts.
May 10, 1989 The Royal Conservatory of Music Bagher performed in Toronto for the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music. The event was a celebration concert in honour of the 90th birthday of Adelmo Melecci with Wang Yang on piano and Bagher playing guitar.
May 12, 1993 The Guitar Bar, Toronto The event was organized by The Guitar Society of Toronto and it was held in the Guitar Bar on top of the Senator Restaurant in downtown Toronto. The event was called "Bagher Moazen & Friends". Bagher performed with two other guitarists Dariush Afrasiyabi and Saeed Khorasani.
March 1, 1996 The Church of Holy Trinity Bagher performed at the Church of Holy Trinity in Toronto. The event was sponsored by the Iranian Artistic and Cultural Center of Ontario.
Winter 2001 Behnam Deheshpour Charity Bagher performed for Behnam Deheshpour Charity organization for fight against cancer. He performed in four concerts to raise funds for this organization. The first event was held in Roodaki Hall.
January 31, 2004 Toronto Center For The Arts Bagher performed at the Toronto Center for the Arts in an event for solidarity with the survivors of Bam's devastating earthquake. There were more than 500 tickets sold.[6]
September 2004 Walter Hall, Toronto Bagher took part in the celebration of the guitar, honouring Eli Kassner's 80th Birthday on Saturday, September 18, 2004, by the Guitar Society of Toronto and the University of Toronto. Bagher performed at Walter Hall, Toronto, with the great guitarists David Russell, Carlos Barbosa Lima, and Celso Machado. He performed his well-known piece, Nomad.[7]
April 2005 BBC, London, UK Bagher was interviewed by Behzad Bolour, veteran BBC producer for the popular Persian radio entertainment and talk show, Rooze Haftom (Seventh Day). The show highlighted music from Bagher Moazen's CD, Nomad, along with his commentary, amongst other things, on the evolving status that the guitar now enjoys around the world. The show was broadcast out of London, England, at the beginning of June, 2005.
June 18, 2005 Walter Hall, Toronto Bagher performed a concert featuring the world premiere of Canadian composer Alan Torok's Sonata #5 – a five-part Suite. Torok composed this music and dedicated it to Bagher. During his performance at the prestigious Walter Hall in Toronto, Bagher played pieces from Albeniz, Bach, Tarrega, Torina, Torok as well as his own compositions.[8]
October 2009 Soroptimist Women's fair, Toronto He performed at the Soroptimist Women's fair.
February 2010 Toronto The Tango community invited him to perform once again. Bagher performed a duet along with his brother, Kazem Moazen. He has been invited three times to play tango music for Club Milonga in Toronto.
February 27, 2010 North York Central Library, Toronto Bagher performed at North York Central Library during an event held in memory of Iran.[9]
May 2010: Beijing Modern Music Festival Bagher has been invited to China to teach a Master class and perform at the Beijing Modern Music Festival.[10]

CD release[edit]

In 2003, Bagher released his CD, Nomad, featuring an international repertoire of music rich in melody and rhythm from composers such as Carlo Domeniconi, Lorca, Paco De Lucia, Roland Dyens, Rak plus his own compositions. This CD was highlighted on CBC's Music and Company, March 19, 2004. Tracks were also broadcast out of London, England at the beginning of June 2005 on the BBC.[11] The CD has become quite popular among classical guitar fans.[12]

Bagher Moazen in 2003 (Photo by Peter Ilias, Toronto)

Awards and recognitions[edit]

  • The first Iranian guitarist to play at the prestigious Wigmore Hall, London
  • The first Iranian guitarist to play for the Guitar Society of Toronto
  • The first Iranian guitarist to be interviewed by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
  • John W. Duarte, in his letter to Bagher, wrote that [Bagher's] music "is a unique amalgam of Eastern and Western music."
  • In 1970 Bagher received a gold medal for his outstanding artistic achievement throughout Iran.[13]
  • The first guitar instructor of the International Academy of Music in Iran.[14]

Guitar and Tango instructor[edit]

As well as performing, Bagher continues to nurture a new generation of classical musicians. He has been teaching for over 35 years, using special methods that accelerate learning and provide maximum enjoyment of the learning process. He also specializes in the Shinichi Suzuki (violinist) method of teaching.[15] Also Bagher was the first instructor to teach guitar in the International Academy of Music in Iran.[6] Moreover, Bagher teaches Tango dance by applying unique teaching methods since 2005.[16][17]

Many of Bagher's guitar students have become professional prestigious guitarists who are active in performing well-known complicated pieces at prominent concerts and other events.

Among the long list of his students are: (sorted alphabetically)

and many more prominent guitarists around the world.


There are many composers who have dedicated their songs to Bagher such as, Alan Torok's Sonata No. 5,[17][24] Shahin Farhat[25] and Mehran Ruhani.[26]

Bagher dedicated one of his compositions, Struggle, to Simin Behbahani, the great Iranian poet.[27]


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