Baghramyan Avenue

Coordinates: 40°10′57″N 44°30′35″E / 40.18250°N 44.50972°E / 40.18250; 44.50972
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Marshal Baghramyan Avenue
The statue of Marshal Baghramyan on the avenue
Native nameՄարշալ Բաղրամյան Պողոտա (Armenian)
Former name(s)Friendship Avenue
Length2.2 km (1.4 mi)
Width17 metres
LocationKentron and Arabkir districts,
Yerevan, Armenia

Marshal Baghramyan Avenue (Armenian: Մարշալ Բաղրամյան Պողոտա) is an avenue in the central Kentron and the northwestern Arabkir districts of Yerevan, Armenia. The avenue is named after the Soviet Armenian commander and Marshal of the Soviet Union Hovhannes Baghramyan whose statue stands at the central part of the avenue. It was known as the Friendship Avenue (Comradeship Avenue) between 1970 and 1995, as a tribute to the friendship of all Soviet Union member nations.[1]

The 2.2-kilometre-long (1.4 mi) avenue starts with the Place de France at the east and ends up with the Barekamutyun Square at the west. It is mainly home to educational, government and foreign diplomatic mission buildings.

Notable buildings[edit]

Marshal Baghramyan Avenue is home to a series of notable buildings and structures.

Government buildings[edit]

The Presidential Palace at 26 Baghramyan Avenue

Foreign diplomatic missions[edit]

Education, science and culture[edit]

The American University of Armenia

Other structures[edit]



40°10′57″N 44°30′35″E / 40.18250°N 44.50972°E / 40.18250; 44.50972