Bagombo Snuff Box

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Bagombo Snuff Box
First edition
Author Kurt Vonnegut
Country US
Language English
Genre Anthology
Publisher G. P. Putnam's Sons
Publication date
ISBN 0-399-14505-2
OCLC 40683538
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3572.O5 B34 1999

Bagombo Snuff Box is an assortment of short stories written by Kurt Vonnegut published in 1999. The book contains previously published, but uncollected short fiction that did not appear in Vonnegut's previous collection, Welcome to the Monkey House. Though almost all the stories were initially written and published in the 1950s, for this collection, Vonnegut re-wrote three stories with which he had been dissatisfied. These rewritten stories include "The Powder Blue Dragon" and "Hal Irwin's Magic Lamp".


  • "Thanasphere" (Collier's weekly, 2 September 1950)[1]
  • "Mnemonics" (Collier's, 28 April 1951)[2]
  • "Any Reasonable Offer" (19 January 1952)[2]
  • "The Package" (26 July 1952)[2]
  • "The No-Talent Kid"
  • "Poor Little Rich Town" (25 October 1952)[2]
  • "Souvenir"
  • "The Cruise of the Jolly Roger"
  • "Custom-made Bride"
  • "Ambitious Sophomore"
  • "Bagombo Snuff Box"
  • "The Powder-Blue Dragon"
  • "A Present for Big Saint Nick"
  • "Unpaid Consultant"
  • "Der Arme Dolmetscher"
  • "The Boy Who Hated Girls"
  • "This Son of Mine"
  • "A Night for Love"
  • "Find Me a Dream"
  • "Runaways"
  • "2 B R 0 2 B" (January 1962)
  • "Lovers Anonymous"
  • "Hal Irwin's Magic Lamp"
  • "Coda to My Career as a Writer for Periodicals" - this is Vonnegut's own reflection over the time he spent and the man he was when writing these short stories.


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