Bagong Liwanag

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Bagong Liwanag
Bagong Liwanag.jpg
EP by Rivermaya
Released August 18, 2007
Recorded May-July 2007
Genre Pop rock
Label Warner Music Philippines
Rivermaya chronology
Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo
Bagong Liwanag

Bagong Liwanag (Tagalog for "New Light") is the 2nd EP and the 11th studio album of the Filipino pop rock band, Rivermaya. It has 5 main tracks, 5 instrumental tracks and 2 audio messages which also included demos of songs from their upcoming album. It was released under Warner Music Philippines and released in 2007.

It was released weeks after the departure of Rico Blanco from the band after serving as the band's chief songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist and vocalist.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Banda Ng Bayan" ["Band of the Land"]
  2. "Sumigaw" ["Shout"]
  3. "Nawawala" ["Missing"]
  4. "Olats" (Lost)
  5. "Sayang" ["Such A Waste"]
  6. "High-Speed Audio Message 1"
  7. "Banda Ng Bayan" (instrumental)
  8. "Sumigaw" (instrumental)
  9. "Nawawala" (instrumental)
  10. "Olats" (instrumental)
  11. "Sayang" (instrumental)
  12. "High-Speed Audio Message 2 w/ Demos"