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Bagsværd (Danish pronunciation: [ˈbɑʊ̯sʋɛːɐ̯ˀ]) is a lower middleclass suburb approximately 12 km northwest of Copenhagen, in the Gladsaxe Municipality. Its center is dominated by the Bagsværd Towers, two high-rise apartment blocks. The suburb is connected by S-Train and has three stations: Skovbrynet, Bagsværd, and Stengården.

Bagsværd Church, designed by Jørn Utzon, is a masterpiece of contemporary church architecture, especially for its rounded interior vaulting and the lighting effects of its skylights.[1]

Established in 1908, Bagsværd Boarding School is one of Denmark's best-known private schools.[2]

Bagsværd houses the headquarters of Danish pharmaceuticals company Novo Nordisk and biotechnology company Novozymes.


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Coordinates: 55°45′52″N 12°27′28″E / 55.76444°N 12.45778°E / 55.76444; 12.45778