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The Baguley valve gear is a type of steam engine valve gear invented by Ernest E. Baguley, the Chief Draughtsman of the W.G. Bagnall company of locomotive manufacturers. It was patented in 1893. It was used by Bagnall during Baguley's time there, then by his own company of Baguley Cars Ltd.

The valve gear is used to operate the inlet and outlet valves of reciprocating steam locomotives. It uses a rocking sector whose motion is driven via a link from a crankpin between the coupling and connecting rods. The ends of this link are circular and offset from the pivots. On these circular bosses the sector is oscillated by a second link from the rod to an extension to the rear of the sector.

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  • Rishra, the single surviving Baguley locomotive, and fitted with this gear.
  • Bagnall-Price valve gear, Bagnall's replacement gear, after Baguley's departure in 1901.

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