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A 19th-century drawing of Ranggawarsita
Ranggawarsita's grave in Klaten, Central Java

Raden Ngabehi Ranggawarsita (also found as Rangga Warsita) Javanese pronunciation: [radɛn ŋabɛhi rɔŋgɔ warsitɔ] (14 March 1802 in Surakarta – 24 December 1873 in Idem) was a Javanese poet. He was born into a famous literary family in Surakarta, in Central Java, the Yasadipura family. People regarded him as the last Javanese poet.[1]

His real name was Bagus Burhan. He was son of Mas Pajangswara and grandson of Yasadipura II, famous poet of Surakarta Sunanate. His father was an offspring of Kingdom of Pajang, whereas his mother was an offspring of Demak Sultanate.

Several works by Ranggawarsita were republished posthumously by Tan Khoen Swie of Kediri in the early 20th century.[2]

There is a museum in his name in Semarang [3]

His works included prophecies [4] as well as criticism of politics and society of his time [5]


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