Bahçe Wind Farm

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Bahçe Wind Farm
Bahçe Wind Farm is located in Turkey
Bahçe Wind Farm
Location of Bahçe Wind Farm
Official name Bahçe Rüzgâr Enerji Santrali
Country Turkey
Location Bahçe, Osmaniye Province
Coordinates 37°10′48″N 36°36′35″E / 37.17988°N 36.60971°E / 37.17988; 36.60971Coordinates: 37°10′48″N 36°36′35″E / 37.17988°N 36.60971°E / 37.17988; 36.60971
Status operational
Construction began July 2008
Commission date 2009; 8 years ago (2009)
Construction cost 200 million
Wind farm
Type onshore
Hub height 85 m (279 ft)
Rotor diameter 100 m (330 ft)
Power generation
Units operational 54
Make and model GE Wind Energy: 54x GE 2.5 XL
Nameplate capacity 135 MW
Annual output 500 GWh

The Bahçe Wind Farm, aka Gökçedağ Wind Farm, (Turkish: Bahçe Rüzgâr Enerji Santrali or Gökçedağ Rüzgâr Enerji Santrali) is an onshore wind power plant located in Bahçe district of Osmaniye Province in eastern Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Consisting of 54 wind turbines with an installed output power of 135 MW in total, the wind farm was the country's largest one as it was commissioned in 2009.[1][2]

The licence for the establishment of the wind farm was obtained in 2003 that will expire in 2033. Construction works at the site began in July 2008.[3] It was constructed on Gökçedağ, a mountain between Bahçe and Hasanbeyli, south of the Osmaniye-Gaziantep highway D-400 . It is operated by Rotor Co., a subsidiary of the Zorlu Holding. The cost of the wind farm totalled to 200 million.[1]

Technical details[edit]

Gokcedag Wind Turbines near Osmaniye.

Each of the 54 wind turbines of type GE 2.5 XL, manufactured by GE Wind Energy, has an installed power capacity of 2.5 MW generated by 100 m (330 ft) rotor diameter at 85 m (279 ft) hub height. The electricity is fed into the grid by a 7 km (4.3 mi) long overhead transmission line.[1][4]


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