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Bahama Village market in Key West, Florida

Bahama Village is a neighborhood in the City of Key West, Florida, Monroe County, United States. It is located southwest of downtown, in Old Town.

It covers over a 16 block area that lies southwest of Whitehead Street and northeast of Truman Annex, bordered by Whitehead, Southard, Fort and Louisa Streets.[1]

It was once a primarily black neighborhood, and is named for its many original residents who were of Bahamian ancestry. Once a marginalized area, it is undergoing gentrification and now hosts many of the island's most popular restaurants.

It contains the city of Key West's public swimming pool.

While the sign announcing the entrance to Bahama Village remains, the area as depicted in the picture has since been transformed from a shopping area into a restaurant (current as of Sept 2016).


Petronia Street entrance on Duval Street 
One of the many free roaming chicken families that can be seen in Key West 


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