Bahar (raga)

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Time of dayAny time in spring else around midnight
Arohana S M  P  M  D N 
Avarohana  P  M P  M R S

Bahar is a Hindustani classical raga. This raga is very similar (but still distinct) to raga Malhar. This raga is from the Kafi Thaat.


Writing about the musical theory of Indian classical music is fraught with complications due to complex and intricate nature. First of all, there have been no set, formal methods of written notation. Indian music is an aural tradition, and therefore writing is not an essential part of attaining talim (systematic study).

But in the recent years, a couple of methods of notation (swar leepi) the sheet music for Hindustani Classical Music have evolved. A prominent of them are BhatKhande Swar leepi (widely used in the present time) by Pt. VishnuNarayan BhatKhande,

Creator: Hzt Amir Khusrau

Arohana & Avarohana[edit]

Arohana:  S M  P  M  D N [a][1]

Avarohana:   P  M P  M R S[b][1]

Vadi & Samvaadi[edit]

Vadi: Ma

Samvadi: Sa


Shadav - Sampurna


The Raag belongs to Kafi Thaat

Pakad or Chalan[edit]

The bare scale of this raga has little unique musical meaning, and is, therefore, required to be documented in a manner that incorporates its zigzag phrasing pattern.

R N. S M/ M M P g M / n P M P g M/ P g M n D n P/ g M n D N S' [or] g M D - N S'/ g' M' R' S'/ R' N S' D n P/ n n P M P g M/ P g M R S

Organization & Relationships[edit]

Related ragas: Shahana Kanada, Shahana Bahar, Basant Bahar, Adana Bahar Thaat: Kafi

Samay (Time)[edit]

The raag is sung at the Middle Night time.


Certain ragas have seasonal associations. Raag Bahar is usually rendered in the Spring season


Since it is the raga of spring, it can be considered that the raga has shringara rasa.


  • Bageshri Bahar
  • Basant Bahar
  • Hindol Bahar
  • Bhairav Bahar

Prominent Bandishes (Compositions) Set in Raag Bahar[edit]

Serial Number Raag Name Bandish Initials or Bandish Name Taal Composer/Bandish Creator Name
1 Raag Bahar Aaye Shyam Radhika Sanga

आए श्याम राधिका संग[2]

TeenTaal Pt. Gokulotsavji Maharaj

Film Songs[edit]

Language: Tamil[edit]

Song Movie Composer Singer
Thumbi Thullal Cobra A. R. Rahman Nakul Abhyankar, Shreya Ghoshal


  1. ^ Alternate notations:
    • Carnatic: Ṇ₃ S M₁  P G₂ M₁ N₂ D₂ N₃ 
    • Western: B C F 𝄒 G E F B A B C
  2. ^ Alternate notations:
    • Carnatic:  N₂ P  M₁ P G₂ M₁ R₂ S
    • Western: C B G 𝄒 F G E F D C


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