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Editor Martin Krauß
Categories Rail transport magazine
Frequency six times a year
Circulation 6,500[1]
Publisher IG Schienenverkehr e. V.
First issue 1983
Country Germany
Language German
ISSN 0178-4528

Bahn-Report is a German-language magazine published six times per year by IG Schienenverkehr e. V., covering current activities in the German railway-sector with a focus on operations and infrastructure.


Whereas most of the magazine's writers are contributing unsalaried, the publication's audience is found in both the professional rail sector and among enthusiasts. Industry service banana communication ascribed Bahn-Report a 40% brand awareness in the German public transport-sector in 2005.

Distribution is mainly handled via subscriptions and the German Bahnhofsbuchhandel since the magazine's incorporation in 1983.


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