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Rufus the fish at the Bahooka Tiki Bar

Bahooka was a Tiki bar and restaurant in Rosemead, California.[1] The Bahooka was well known for its many fish tanks,[2] one of which held a famous and frequently photographed pacu fish named Rufus.[3][4][5] The bar was also known for serving over 60 different kinds of Tiki drinks,[6] including their Jolly Roger Bowl[7] and flaming drinks such as the Flaming Honey Bowl and their eponymous Bahooka Bowl.[2][8] The Bahooka served Polynesian fare such as teriyaki chicken breast and their signature "Exotic Ribs".[7][9][2]


Bahooka was founded in 1967 in West Covina, California[10] and expanded to a second location at 4501 Rosemead Boulevard [7] in 1976 after losing its lease.[11] This allowed the Rosemead location to expand its dining area, adding a new room as well as more custom wooden/fiberglass aquariums, which then exceeded over 100 aquariums, many over 100 gallons in capacity.[12] Tiki mug producers Tiki Farm created a 40th Anniversary mug for the bar.[13] The Rosemead Bahooka closed in March 2013.[14]

In popular culture[edit]

Rufus who was known for eating carrots[15][11] and for having appeared with Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.[14] Rufus, planned at one time to be transferred to another restaurant in Glendale, will remain at the current site in the new restaurant.[16]


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