National Guard (Bahrain)

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National Guard
الحرس الوطني
Insignia of the National Guard of Bahrain.svg
National Guard Insignia
Founded 1997
Country Bahrain
Allegiance Bahrain
Branch Army
Type Land Force
Role Land warfare
Size 3,800
Part of King of Bahrain
Garrison/HQ Al-Sakhir, Bahrain
Anniversaries 7 January
Engagements Bahraini uprising (2011–present)
Lieutenant General Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa
National Guard flag Flag of the National Guard of Bahrain.svg

Heavy Armour and Armoured combat vehicle[edit]

Type/Class Quantity Origin Details
Otokar Arma armoured combat vehicle 10+ Turkey in service 2010/12
Otokar Akrep infantry mobility vehicle 30+ Turkey in service 2005
Otokar Cobra infantry mobility vehicle 20+ Turkey in service 2008
Humvee infantry mobility vehicle 50+ United States Two types: BGM-71 TOW missile & Browning M2HB
Toyota Land Cruiser Light Armoured vehicles 200+ Japan Locally Modified - VDJ78R Troop Carrier
FGM-148 Javelin  ? United States  ??? missiles
RPG-7  ? United States
M29 mortar  ? United States
M2 Browning  ? United States
Bofors 40 mm L70 Air and field Gun 12 Sweden
M16 rifle assault rifles  ? United States
M4 carbine assault rifle  ? United States
Barrett M82 anti material rifle  ? United States
Heckler & Koch MP5  ? Germany
M939 Truck 6x6 trucks 50+ United States
MAN Truck & Bus military transport 50+ United States
Toyota Coaster Troops transport 50+ Japan
Nissan Patrol Light Armoured vehicles and Troops transport 20+ Japan

Air force[edit]

Type/Class Quantity Origin Details
Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Utility helicopter  ? United States

The National Guard of Bahrain (Arabic: الحرس الوطني‎) is a separate Royal Bahraini Army in Bahrain that serves both as defence force against external threats and as a security force Ministry of Interior (Bahrain) against internal threats. It was established in 1997, through a royal decree by then Emir Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa.[1]

External image
Photo showing members of the Bahraini National Guard arrest Wall Street Journal reporter Alex Delmar-Morgan as he walks towards Pearl Square on 16 March 2011 from the Daily Mail, 17 March 2011

The National Guard is currently commanded by Lieutenant-General Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa, brother of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.[2][3] It consists of about 3,800 personnel.[4]

The National Guard has been involved in the Bahrain government's violent crackdown on outlaws protesters during the Riots events (2011-2012).[5]


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