Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation

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تلفزيون البحرين
Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation
Government-owned corporation
Founded 1971; 46 years ago (1971)
Headquarters Manama
Owner King of Bahrain

Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation (BRTC) is a public broadcaster in Manama, Bahrain. Bahrain TV ran a campaign to name, punish and shame those who took part in the uprising of 2011.

History and profile[edit]

BRTC was set up in 1971.[1] It became an independent body in January 1993.[1] The corporation regulates visual and audio broadcasting in the Kingdom of Bahrain.[2] The BRTC is owned by the government of Bahrain.[3] It has both Arabic and English broadcasting.[1]

Radio Bahrain[edit]

Radio Bahrain was established in 1955 and became an independent body in 1993.[1] Its English-language radio service has been on-air since 1977, broadcasting four hours a day from a studio in Isa Town. In 1982 the station was moved to a building in Adliya. On-air time was extended to 18 hours a day. A second station, Radio 2, began broadcasting 6 hours a day. In 1989 a new studio was established in the Ministry of Information building, and the following year the station went 24 hours. In 2007 Radio Bahrain switched its frequency from 101.0 FM to 99.5FM.[4]

Television shows[edit]

Many Bahraini-created and produced shows have been produced by National Bahrain Television, the most prominent being youth shows such as Chat with Batelco, and Hala Bahrain.

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