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Bahram Mashhoon is an Iranian-American physicist known for his research in General Relativity.

Mashhoon is a professor at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, where he deals with some foundational aspects of gravitational physics. Within his field of research, Mashhoon has given important contributions to general relativity, with particular emphasis on the gravitomagnetic clock effect, but also as far as cosmology is concerned. He is also active in the field of non-local gravity.

Mashhoon is an alumnus of Princeton University, and was a former student of John Archibald Wheeler.

Bibliometric information[edit]

As of November 2013, the h-index of Mashhoon released by the NASA ADS database is 33, with more than 2800 citations (self-citations excluded). His tori[1] index and riq[1] index are 91.3 and 222, respectively.


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