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Bahram Soroush is a UK-based civil rights activist [1] and a member of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran Central Committee.[2] He has said that is "very difficult to try to separate Islam from Islamic terrorist organisations".[1] In a conference held in June 2006, Bahram said that the "Iranian government is antiworker and anti-human" [3] Soroush has said that the Islamic Republic is not a representative of the Iranian people and that it would be dangerous for the Republic to attain nuclear weapons. [4]

Comments on Islamophobia[edit]

Soroush has said that the term Islamophobia is being used to "stifle the criticism of Islam"[1] and that "considering the atrocities" committed by Islamic movements, terrorist attacks and honour killings in Muslim countries, it is "understandable that people should have a dislike of Islam and that this negative perception of Islam should have grown".[1]


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