Vihara Bahtera Bhakti

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Bahtera Bakti Vihara
Basic information
Location Jalan Pantai Sanur No. 5 Binaria Ancol, North Jakarta
Geographic coordinates Coordinates: 6°07′13″S 106°51′14″E / 6.120324°S 106.853891°E / -6.120324; 106.853891
Affiliation Chinese Buddhism
Country Indonesia
Completed 1650

Vihara Bahtera Bhakti is a Chinese-Buddhist temple located in the Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia. It is dedicated to Da Bo Gong, a deity of land and wealth, and his wife. It is one of the oldest Buddhist temple in Jakarta.


The temple was established in 1650 under the name Taipekong or Da Bo Gong Temple on the area of Slingerland, to the east side of Ancol River.[1] As a Chinese temple near Ancol River, it is also known as Klenteng Ancol.

It is dedicated to Da Bo Gong, a deity of land and wealth, and his wife. The temple is also dedicated to the Muslim cook of Cheng Ho, Sampo Soei Soe.[1]


The architecture of the temple is Chinese-Buddhist architecture with a style that is specifically associated with a holy Muslim tomb because it is a shrine for a Muslim.[1]

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