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Region of originChina
Meaning"white" (color)

Bái is the pinyin romanisation of the uncommon Chinese surname , meaning the colour white. With its variants, Bai was ranked 79th within the list of common Chinese surnames in 2006, down from 70th in 1990.

Another surname, , is written with a character normally pronounced as "Bǎi ", but as a surname is properly pronounced "Bó", according to the ancient reading of the character.


  • a surname used by the Mongols.
  • King Ping of Chu's descendants used the surname Bai (白) after the Bai Country (白邑) in the territory of Chu (state).
  • a surname used by Manchu clan of Bayara, a branch of Irgen Gioro or Bayara Gioro, which is derived from the clan of Bayara (1582–1624) which was founded by the fifth son of Taksi.
  • in Yunnan, the Bai people used the surname Bai after their tribe name during the Tang Dynasty
  • a surname used by the ancient Donghu people.

Alternate spellings[edit]

Notable people[edit]

  • Bai An (1991-), Taiwanese singer, Manchus
  • Bai Chongxi (1893–1966), Chinese Muslim general of the Republic of China
  • Bai Chong'en, Chinese economist
  • Bai Guang (stagename) (1921–1999), movie star and singer
  • Pai Hsiao-yen (1980–1997), Taiwanese teenage idol and victim of a fatal kidnapping
  • Pai Hsien-yung (1937-), Chinese Muslim writer
  • Bai Jie (1972-), Chinese female footballer
  • Bai Jing (1983-2012), Chinese actress
  • Bai Juyi (772-846), Tang Dynasty poet
  • Pai Kun-Hong (1970-), Taiwanese baseball player
  • Bai Ling (1966-), Chinese-born American actress
  • Bai Qi (died 257 BC), Qin general of the Warring States Period
  • Bai Renfu (1226–1306), Yuan Dynasty playwright
  • Bai Shouyi (1909–2000), Chinese Muslim historian
  • Pai Tzu-li, Chinese Muslim General of the Republic of China
  • Lou Pai (1946-), Chinese-American businessman and former Enron executive
  • Bai Wenqi (born 1955), lieutenant general of the PLA Air Force
  • Bai Chunli (born 1953), Chinese physical chemist and nanoscientist, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Peter Pek, chief executive of the World Branding Forum
  • Bai Yansong(1968), Chinese host


  • Helen Pai, American television writer, director, and producer

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