Bai (surname)

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Family name
Meaning "white" (color)
Region of origin China

Bái is the pinyin romanisation of the common Chinese surname , meaning the colour white. With its variants, Bai was ranked 79th within the list of common Chinese surnames in 2006, down from 70th in 1990.

Another surname, , is written with a character normally pronounced as "Bǎi ", but as a surname is properly pronounced "Bó", according to the ancient reading of the character.


  • King Ping of Chu's descendants used the surname Bai (白) after the Bai Country (白邑) in the territory of Chu (state).
  • a surname used by the Mongol/Donghu people.
  • a surname used by Manchu clan of Bayara,a branch of Irgen Gioro or Bayara Gioro,which is derived from the clan of Bayara (1582–1624) who is the fifth son of Taksi.
  • in Yunnan, the Bai people used the surname Bai after their tribe name during the Tang Dynasty

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Notable people[edit]


  • Helen Pai, American television writer, director, and producer

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